About the forum

We are at a critical moment in time. Young people have been hit hard by the pandemic, with many facing disrupted education, skyrocketing unemployment and a growing mental health crisis. So how can we protect and improve the quality of life for our young people and future generations?

The Youth Progress Index 2021 by the European Youth Forum with the support of the Social Progress Imperative, brings together data from over 150 countries around the world. By combining the crucial components of basic human needs, wellbeing and opportunity, the Youth Progress Index provides a unique insight into the progress states are making to empower their young people.

On June 10th we will host our  live virtual event where the results of this year’s Youth Progress Index will be revealed and you will have the opportunity to discuss the reality of young people today, including the impact of Covid-19 and the climate crisis, with policy-makers, business and civil society organisations.

To find out more about the Youth Progress Forum and see the full list of speakers, download the full programme.