No Youth Progress without Sustainability

Sustainability is one of the greatest challenges facing society, above all the youngest generations, who will bear the most devastating consequences of an existential crisis they did not create. We can’t measure youth progress without including environmental sustainability! Our Youth Progress Index 2021 found that no country can claim to have a model of society […]

Interview with Zubair Junjunia, founder of ZNotes

Zubair Junjunia is an educational activist, social entrepreneur, and founder of ZNotes – an online learning platform he started at 16 and today, has reached over 3 million students globally. To learn more about ZNotes and the impact it is driving, visit Tell us about your background and your work. What inspires and motivates […]

A conversation on Youth Progress with Herman Van Rompuy

How do we balance the need for progress with the sustainability of our planet? Why is it essential for policymakers to have access to the detailed data and analysis about quality of life for young people? Why is it important to measure how different groups in society are living? Watch Herman Van Rompuy, Emeritus President […]

Today we hold the Youth Progress Forum

Today we hold the Youth Progress Forum, a live event where we reveal the findings of this year’s Youth Progress Index. The event will tackle important issues such as what needs to happen to solve the climate crisis, how we deal with the fallout of Covid-19 and bring back optimism, and how we can combat […]