Interview with Mia Kimmell

Interview with Mia Kimmell, 13, Austin TX, USA

What do you think are the greatest challenges facing young people today?

Social Pressure – Normal societal pressure from friends and communities has been and always will be a major struggle for all young people.
Sexuality & Gender – figuring out who you are and who you love is a huge part of being a teenager and struggling with unsupportive people and constant questioning is a huge and damaging challenge.
Politics – especially now, politics can be a major challenge during childhood. Disagreements with friends or family can greatly affect the mental health of a child.

How do you think society will be different after the Covid-19 pandemic is finally behind us?
I think society will and has changed in a lot of ways already. Everyone has a new sense of purpose and appreciation for things we saw as mediocre and normal before. COVID-19 has also brought forward a divide between Americans with different beliefs. I think that won’t go away any time soon.

What role does youth have in tackling the world’s greatest challenges?
I personally think that there is too much pressure put on today’s youths. The world has been destroyed by generations before us and although we will have to solve a majority of the problem ourselves, I think adults need to do as much as possible while they are alive